Hoe collageen je huid door de seizoenen heen helpt

How collagen helps your skin through the seasons

Collagen throughout the four seasons

Collagen is an endogenous protein that holds our body together. It is the main protein possessed by human connective tissue and is mainly found in the dermis, also known as the second skin layer, of our skin. There are different types of collagen, each of which individually contributes to a specific part of the body and thus universal health.

Collagen benefits

Collagen has many amazing benefits. It supports the formation of elastin and promotes skin hydration. Taking collagen throughout the four seasons helps keep the skin supple and hydrated in wind, heat and environmental influences. Collagen improves the density of the collagen layer in the skin, making it more adaptable to seasonal changes.

Your skin in the summer

A lot happens to your skin in the summer. Due to the warm temperatures and the influence of the sun, the skin dries out more, which seems to reduce sebum production. In the beginning the skin looks less oily, but over time sebum production increases excessively due to dehydration. This creates oilier skin with more impurities. In addition, in the summer, the skin is affected by both sweat and sunscreen residues. By using collagen powder, the production of sebum production will be stimulated without overproduction.

Your skin in autumn

By closing windows and turning on the heating, the humidity in the autumn decreases. As a result, the skin loses its moisture to the environment, making the skin feel drier. In addition, we take a hot shower more often and longer in the autumn months, this is also not conducive to the skin and causes dehydration. In addition to the dry feeling, red spots and a tight feeling also increase during this time of the year. Collagen powder will support the skin in the autumn months because the use of collagen powder ensures a better texture of the skin, making it less susceptible to dryness and a tight feeling.

Your skin in winter

Due to the low humidity and cold temperatures to which the skin is exposed, the condition of the skin changes in winter. The moisture balance in the skin decreases and it becomes difficult to provide the skin with good hydration. In addition, we take a hot shower even more often and for longer in the winter than we already did in the fall, which increases the dehydration of the skin during this period.

Your skin in spring

Where people often think that the transition from winter to spring is smooth and soft, nothing could be further from the truth. When spring arrives, it brings with it various seasonal allergies and other difficulties for the skin. For example, the spring sun already contains harmful UV rays that the skin is not yet accustomed to. In addition, the spring wind is very drying and contributes to dry, itchy and more often inflamed skin.


All in all, it can be concluded that collagen brings various benefits to the skin throughout the year. By using collagen powder, the body will be supported to help the skin through external factors and seasonal changes and thus ensure that it is affected as little as possible.