Werkt collageen voor de vermindering van cellulite?

Does Collagen Work For Cellulite Reduction?


Cellulite is a problem that affects many women around the world, regardless of their age or weight. Although there are many treatments and remedies available, cellulite remains a persistent problem. This has led many researchers and health experts to look for ways to reduce and prevent cellulite. Research that is getting a lot of attention lately in this context is collagen.


What is Cellulite?

When the blood vessels become narrowed because the amount of fat cells in the subcutaneous connective tissue increases, there is cellulite. Fat, moisture and waste products can be removed less well due to the reduced blood circulation. As a result, the connective tissue hardens and bumps and pits appear under the skin.
Cellulite mainly occurs on the (upper) legs, arms and buttocks. Dimples then appear on the legs, buttocks and arms. Cellulite is harmless. They also call cellulite orange peel, because the skin structure resembles the structure of an orange peel. (Health Square, 2022)


There are several causes of cellulite. It may be due to genetic predisposition. This is the most common. Other causes include diet, hormones, or lack of exercise.


Treatment of cellulite

If you suffer from cellulite then no treatment is necessary as it is not a medical condition, however there are things you can do to reduce and prevent it. It is best to try to prevent cellulite, as it is difficult to get rid of. Below are tips to prevent and reduce cellulite.

  1. Drink enough water in a day
    When you drink enough water, waste products are properly removed and this contributes to a healthy moisture balance.

  2. Relax
    Try to rest enough, stress as little as possible and get enough sleep. An adult person needs eight hours of sleep, so make sure you get an average of eight hours of sleep each night.

  3. Watch your diet
    Drink as little alcohol as possible and avoid fat and salt.

  4. Connective tissue massage
    Connective tissue massage in particular contributes to the reduction of cellulite. This stimulates blood flow, the removal of waste products and cell renewal, making the skin smoother and tighter. Special massagers are also available that are designed to reduce cellulite and improve skin texture.

Effect of collagen on cellulite

We now know that cellulite is caused by an increase in the amount of fat cells in the subcutaneous connective tissue. Good skin care can influence the appearance of cellulite. This is because the collagen tissue under the skin no longer provides enough firmness to keep the skin smooth. As we get older we produce less collagen and this is an important element that keeps our skin young and elastic. The skin becomes weaker and the cellulite becomes more visible. So if you take collagen daily, there is a good chance that the cellulite will become less visible, because the skin will also become smoother again.

Other benefits of collagen for skin health

Collagen also offers other skin health benefits such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving hydration and improving the overall texture of the skin. It can also help protect the skin from sun damage and other external factors.


Scientific studies have shown that collagen helps to reduce cellulite. It has been found that the result is best visible when you take 5 grams of collagen and that this is especially effective in women who have a moderate form of cellulite and a BMI below 25. It also works for women who are overweight and therefore have a BMI above 25, but it takes a little longer to get the same result. Curious about our collagen offer? Take a look at our products and find out which collagen powder suits you best!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best remedy for cellulite?

There is no single remedy that can completely cure cellulite. However, a combination of a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, hydration and specific treatments can help reduce cellulite and improve skin texture.

  1. How long does it take for collagen to work?

The results of collagen treatments can vary depending on the type of treatment and the individual body's response. In general, it takes 8 to 12 weeks for the results to become visible.

  1. Can you ever get rid of cellulite?

Although cellulite can be stubborn, it can be reduced or prevented with the right approach. A combination of healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise and treatments can help improve skin texture and reduce cellulite.

  1. Is Collagen Effective?

Collagen is effective in improving skin health and may help reduce or prevent cellulite. There are several ways to boost collagen production, including taking supplements, following a diet rich in collagen-promoting foods, and applying collagen creams to the skin.